Chin Augmentation (Cosmetic Surgery at Skin Lounge Lokhandwala)

It is a proven fact that the symmetry of the face is one of the parameters to measure attractiveness from the face. It is always your face that catches the attention of a passerby, which is why individuals spend a lot on themselves to look attractive and beautiful.
A strong chin is an important element of an attractive face. An ample chin can add definition, help create symmetry and bring balance to facial features.

What is Chin Augmentation?
Chin augmentation is a non-surgical procedure to reshape or enhance the size of the chin.For individuals with average to moderate chins, Skin Lounge performs non-surgical chin augmentation with injectable dermal fillers. This technique is a quick and excellent alternative to surgery.
What are the benefits of Chin augmentation?
  • Chin augmentation gives you the desirable look based on your preference.
  • It helps in a facial transformation.
  • It contributes towards an increase in the chin’s projection
  • It increases the width of the chin
  • It helps in the overall improvement of facial proportions
What is the method for a skin augmentation procedure?

The non-surgical chin augmentation technique places a dermal filler under the skin using a needle or microcannula to add volume and projection to the chin.

Who needs Chin Augmentation?

If you find your chin disproportionate to your face, want to strengthen your appearance with a strong profile, or want to correct any issues that you may have with your chin, you could go in for a chin augmentation procedure. Individuals with severely weak chins are usually better candidates for surgical chin augmentation.

How Long Will The Results Last?

You will continue to see results up to 1 year, with touch-ups at 6-month intervals.