Skin Tightening Treatment in Mumbai

Which part of your body shows the first signs of aging? It is obviously your face. Experts say that the neck and lower face are the main areas where skin aging becomes visible first. 

Sagging of the facial skin is the first sign of aging. Thanks to the development in cosmetology, you have various safe and effective procedures available to tighten the skin.

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What is Skin Tightening Treatment in Mumbai?

A skin tightening procedure is essentially a preventive measure that begins much before the actual sagging takes place. It enhances the skin collagen and tightens the loose skin.

Why should one consider skin tightening procedures? There are many advantages of it:

  • Skin tightening improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.
  • It gives firmer and smoother skin.
  • It brings natural and long-lasting results.
  • It prevents folds, wrinkles, and lines.
  • It improved skin tone and brightness.

In the world-class clinic The Skin Lounge, Dr Simple Aher performs the most advanced and safe.

Laser Skin Tightening

When certain lasers are used, they can deliver heat to the skin. But they do not harm the epidemics. The collagen production improves because of the heat and the skin becomes younger and fresher. 

This technique can effectively treat sagging and make you young. 

Since it is a painless and safe process, it is popular. However, this method shows results instantly. It is because the Laser boosts the natural healing process. More than one session may be needed, based on the extent of sagging.


Fillers are volumizers. They can lift and plump up the chin, cheek, lips, jawline, and temples. They can enhance the appearance of saggy skin on the hands.

When there are problems with the elasticity of the skin, facial lines, volume, and laxness, fillers can be very effective. 

If the Skin Tightening Treatment in Mumbai is done by Dr. Simple Aher, you can be assured about its quality and accuracy. You are in the safe hands of one of the leading cosmetologists in India.


It has gained popularity in recent years to enhance skin appearance. This skin tightening procedure can effectively treat scars, sagging, and many other issues. 

A special device is used for this, which contains micro-sized needles. The needles puncture the skin around the targeted area. The skin starts the flow of collagen to heal the punctured areas. As a result, the skin looks tighter and younger.

Normally, good results are achieved after four to eight sittings of micro-needling. However, the frequency will be decided by the experts like Dr Simple Aher after assessing the results. 

Though it is a quite safe treatment, sometimes, doctors avoid it if there are skin conditions such as active acne, keloid scarring, etc.

Platelet-rich plasma

Commonly called PRP, this treatment is quite popular. It can be used in isolation or in conjunction with medical needling. Since it is safe and non-invasive, it can be repeated multiple times. 

The results of PRP are great in hand rejuvenation procedures. It improves the brightness and texture of the skin.


When you want natural-looking, subtle skin lifts, then thread is the fittest treatment. Cosmetologists use subtle sutures to hold the loose skin up. Thus, you get a youthful appearance. Two types of threads are used-mono and poly.

These threads are absorbable, and they trigger the production of collagen along the threads, which is the healing procedure of the skin. It tightens and lifts the skin around.

This low-invasive procedure doesn’t have any health risks. The person can resume regular work immediately. Based on the severity of the condition, your cosmetologist decides the number of sessions.

Dr Simple Aher is an authority in skin tightening

With her dedicated team, Dr Simple Aher relentlessly works for enhancing the appearance of her client so that they feel a boost in their self-confidence. 

She is a celebrity dermatologist, but she treats each of her clients equally. With her excellent academic background and thorough experience, Dr. Simple Aher is considered one of the most prominent anti-aging and skin specialists in India. 

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