Dr Simple Aher Clinic (Best Celebrity Dermatologist in Mumbai)

Dr. Simple has gained much acclaim in a short span of time. She has accomplished multiple degrees of Dermatology along with 2 Gold Medals.

She has also been awarded as one of the Best Performing Anti-aging Doctor & Best Dermatologist on a national from a leading chain of clinics for two consecutive years.
She believes that looking good is not just another facet of a person’s life; sustaining that beauty and carrying it with elán is the secret to achieving self confidence.

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Degree And Diploma​

simple aher

Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Trichologist

M.D,FCPS, D.D.V, Gold Medalist

Diploma in Trichology (Australia)

Diploma in Beauty Science (Australia)

Diploma in Anti Aging (Australia)

Diploma in Skin Aesthetics (Australia)

About Dr Simple Aher Clinic [Skin Lounge]

Skin Lounge Clinic is a renowned state-of-the-art clinic in Mumbai offering Dermatology, Cosmetology, Trichology and Weight Management services.

Treatments at the clinic are available for men and women alike, with world-class technology and US FDA approved equipments that meet all safety standards. Every patient first undertakes a consultation, where the doctor takes a detailed medical history and then suggests a necessary line of treatments and medications as required.

Every individual’s skin is different and at Dr Simple Aher Clinic we customise treatments keeping in mind the safety, effectiveness and impact of the desired outcome.

Visit us to know why our clinic is frequently visited by Celebrities/Models/Industrialists/Socialites & people from all walks of life.





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