About Dr Simple Aher Skin Lounge Clinic
(Skin Clinic in Andheri West, Lokhandwala)

Would  you even believe if we said that you can now get a glamorous look that you always wished for? The very thought of achieving a perfect look may have given you unparalleled excitement,right?And why not? Nothing makes you feel as confident and glowing as healthy skin.However,giving  yourself a flawlessly radiant skin is easier said than done. Factors like stress, pollution, lifestyle changes, sleeping habits and cosmetic residue have contributed significantly to damage our skin on a daily basis. These factors make it possible impossible for our skin to regenerate in its natural course.


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A Solution For today’s Women

Today, even women who are in their mid-20s are facing aging related problem like wrinkles, dark circles and deepened laugh lines. Thus, it is important for everyone to start lifestyle modification and taking care of our skin from an early age under the right qualified guidance. Problem related to ageing,scars,dullness,stretch marks and blemishes are difficult to be treated but are not impossible cure. You will be glad to know that these skin problems can be treated with full safety and effortlessly effectively.

Skin Care Procedures at the Best Skin Clinic in Andheri West (Lokhandwala)

Doctor Simple and her team at the state-of-the-art Skin Lounge Clinic tirelessly work towards giving you not only a flawless face but also a perfect body. According to her looking good is just a small segment of a person’s life, caring for one’s own body and mind is the real secret for achieving really self-confidence and positivity.

Offering non –surgical anti-ageing procedures that not just transform the face but also sculpt the entire body.Doctor Simple Aher is helping countless individuals regain their beauty should be natural,affordable,permanent and safe for everyone. This ideology is the sole reason why Doctor Simple is immensely respected and sought after by her clientele

Expert Speak

Celebrity Dermotologist,Cosmetologist & Trichologist ,Dr Simple Aher (one of the best skin specialist in Mumbai)  and  CEO of “Skin Lounge Clinic  which is the best skin clinic in Andheri West, Mumbai has the perfect solution for you. She is the leading figure behind the phenomenal business personalities,models,housewives and celebrities from the world of glamaour.Along with the trust of her clients she has also received two gold medals and  numerous awards for being one of the best skin specialist in Andheri West, Mumbai and anti-ageing doctors on a Pan India level. More than transforming Doctor Simple Aher has touched many lives by giving them self-confidence and a positive outlook towards themselves. Her zeal and constant efforts towards making a difference have made people feel good about their appearance.

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A Range of skin treatments

Dr Simple Aher has set a benchmark in skin treatment facilities. She offers an exclusive range of USFDA approved,safe,painless and advanced procedures that includes treatments on the face, neck and complete body. The clinic can address problems like acne,scars,fairness and glow, hair growth on scalp,skin tightening ,botox,fillers,vampire facials,face lifts, breast lift, stretch mark, laser hair reduction, hair growth ,butt lift, designer vagina,vaginal tightening and more. Her non-invasive surgeries, through injectable and contouring, make safety and health of her clients a top priority.

Her vision is to make India proud at an international level with the help of globally recognized procedures and the latest trends and and advances in dermatology.

Feeling beautiful is an aspiration, a dream for many. Aided by the ultra-modern technology available to her, her expert knowledge, and overwhelming adherence to her mission,Doctor Simple Aher transform these dreams into a reality.