Lip Pinkening Treatment (By Doctor Simple Aher)

Want pretty pink lips ? or looking to lighten dark lips?
Consider Lip Pinkening.Lip pinkening is new Beauty trend followed across the globe which includes a line of Hollywood, Bollywood celebrities and Top Models.

skin specialist in lokhandwala
skin specialist in lokhandwala
What causes lip darkening?
Genetics, sun exposure, lipstick use, skin trauma, acne, pregnancy and hormonal changes can all cause lips to change color. The color is determined by the amount of melanocytes – cells that produce melanin pigment, which give skin its color. Excessive amounts of melanin can also cause your lips to appear unnecessarily dark in color. In such cases, it is best to consider treatment for lip pinkening which will be able to restore your colour.
What are the precautions to be taken post lip pinkening?
Smoking delays the gum tissues ability to heal itself. We personally suggest discontinuation of smoking as may cause the lip to darken once again.

We at skin lounge offerDoctor Simple Aher you an exclusive lip pinkening treatment performed exclusively by Dr. Simple Aher with a 4 step combination procedure which includes:

  • Mesoporation
  • Q- switch Laser
  • Stemcell rejuvenation
  • Skin boosters

These procedure can help you get back your perfect pink lips!