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Skin irritation is not desirable. It can give you low self confidence at work and in social situations. Persistent redness of the skin or rosacea is one such condition which exclusively affects the face.

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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a non-contagious skin inflammation that can be seen on the face. The small surface blood vessels (capillaries) of the skin enlarge, giving the appearance of a permanent flush. The forehead, cheeks and chin may develop yellow-headed pimples. Unlike acne, rosacea does not scar.

What treatments are available for treatment of Rosacea?

The treatment for Rosacea involves a combination of non-surgical, painless and cosmetic procedures which target the root cause of the problem.
Our professional cosmetic surgeon will provide a treatment line after a consultation and examination of the issue.

Why should I consider treatment of Rosacea?

More than the physical changes, rosacea can lead to embarrassment and a restricted social life. Reasons to consider treatment include:

  • Rosacea can lead to embarrassment, anxiety, or depression, and a disrupted social life.
  • The face may swell (lymphoedema), especially around the eyes.

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