Hand /Feet Rejuvenation Treatment (At Skin Lounge Clinic)

A renewed overall appeal is not only desirable, it is now possible! Let your skin speak of radiance and glow with our non-surgical procedures for hand /feet rejuvenation. 
There are many neglected areas of your skin that tend to display the signs of aging and environmental damage.

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What is hand /feet rejuvenation?

hand /feet rejuvenation is actually a set of different procedures designed to tighten the skin. This procedure is purely cosmetic in nature and has very little risk and recovery time. It will give you toned legs with an overall chiseled look!

What is the procedure followed at Skin Lounge Clinic?

Leg/Head rejuvenation involves a combination of treatments which may vary from person to person. Generally, the doctor will suggest the best procedure for your issue, to obtain the desired results. Place an appointment to know your treatment line.

Why should I undergo a head/leg rejuvenation procedure?
  • The treatment gives a smooth, supple and renewed appearance.
  • It is a safe and effective treatment with minimal recovery time.
  • It reduces the appearance of brown spots, redness and spider veins.
  • It stimulates collagen and improves skin texture.